/Mansory Mercedes S63 AMG Bumblebee Edition!

Mansory Mercedes S63 AMG Bumblebee Edition!

Mansory Mercedes S63 Bumblebee 1 600x374 at Mansory Mercedes S63 AMG Bumblebee Edition!

It is not exactly a secret that German tuner Mansory is prepared to risk their reputation in order to cater to their super rich customers who usually have super wild dreams and desires. Often, this results in some pretty weird creations, such as this two-tone yellow and black Mansory Mercedes S63 AMG.

As we have seen before, Mansory Mercedes S63 AMG itself in a seriously good-looking car, definitely in the top five finest styling kits available today for the W222 S-Class. But it is very susceptible to bad colors and can easily be ruined with the wrong paint job.

Now, we don’t want to assume for a second that everybody shares our dislike for ridiculously brash colors on cars that are anything but – or our prejudices about the kind of people who drive those car – but it is fair to say that the majority of people will find a yellow S-Class just a tad ghastly. Well, unless they are all cab drivers, in which case they will absolutely love it!

The person who has commissioned this bumblebee is not a cabbie though. Chances are he is richer than all of the world’s cab drivers put together. The reason he finds this paint scheme for his Mansory Mercedes S63 AMG interesting, we guess, is because it make people notice him and he likes that. He likes the attention. Come to think of it, a few sessions with a good shrink seems like a cheaper and more dignified way of dealing with those feelings.

Mansory Mercedes S63 Bumblebee 2 600x388 at Mansory Mercedes S63 AMG Bumblebee Edition!

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