/Still King: Prior Design Mercedes SLS PD900GT

Still King: Prior Design Mercedes SLS PD900GT

Prior Design Mercedes SLS 0 600x374 at Still King: Prior Design Mercedes SLS PD900GT

Mercedes SLS AMG is pretty much history now, having been replaced by the sleeker, more efficient AMG GT, forgotten by many, and dismissed by others as preposterous, vulgar and ridiculous. Be that as it may, this car is still an impressive thing to look at, especially when equipped with a wide body kit, as is the case with this Prior Design Mercedes SLS.

Now, the SLS is a pretty massive thing in standard form. The bonnet goes on for about eight miles and it is almost as wide as a Range Rover. But PD things it could be more giant still, and so they set about making it so with an especially tailored styling kit called the PD900GT.

The wide body Prior Design Mercedes SLS features completely custom front and rear bumpers as well as front wings, bonnet, roof scoop, side vents, custom skirts and sills, rear diffuser, wide rear fenders, and a pretty large rear spoiler. This lot together double the hawkish presence of the SLS and make it properly intimidating. If a Honda Jazz sees this thing on the street it is going to literally crap itself!

As a reminder, Mercedes SLS is powered by a 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine developing 563 horsepower and enough loud noises to start an avalanche. 

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