/A Real Man’s Car: Brabus GL63 700

A Real Man’s Car: Brabus GL63 700

Brabus GL63 700 0 600x364 at A Real Man’s Car: Brabus GL63 700

Do not get us wrong. We are not the macho idiot kind who believe small and efficient cars are girly and that everything should have a V16 engine fueled by bourbon. But, there is something so intricately interesting about this murdered-out Brabus GL63 700 that awakens a primordial masculine energy within every man that looks at it!

It’s not really our fault, you know, it’s just biology. No matter how advanced and sophisticated us humans have become, at our core we are still closely related to the apes we have evolved from. We are animals with primitive inclinations. It’ll take another ten or twenty thousands years of evolving for this traits to vanish.

That is why the sense of absolute power and authority conveyed by the size, the color and the might of this blacked-out Brabus GL63 700 is so appealing to men. They see it and they think, correctly, that driving such a manly car will make them more interesting in the eyes of the opposite sex. And it does. You want to get laid, this is the car you have to buy. And who cares if it’s unnecessarily big and wasteful, very thirsty, and ridiculously expensive. 

Packing 700 horsepower from a heavily-modified 5.5 liter AMG bi-turbo V8 engine, Brabus GL63 700 comes with a bespoke body kit consisting of custom front and rear bumpers, front spoiler, rear diffuser, roof wing, custom wings, flared wheel arches, side skirts, Brabus grille, and Brabus monoblock wheels. Uprated suspension and brakes and a more luxurious interior than the standard car are other important highlights of this beast.

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