/Brabus Mercedes V-Class Renders the Maybach Pointless!

Brabus Mercedes V-Class Renders the Maybach Pointless!

Brabus Mercedes V Class 0 600x363 at Brabus Mercedes V Class Renders the Maybach Pointless!

Yes, there is no other way of saying it, this thing is a van. But I put it to you, if you want the ultimate in luxury and comfort, forget the Maybach or the Phantom. Brabus Mercedes V-Class is the vehicle you want to choose. OK, so it doesn’t have much to offer in terms of style, but it has other, more important things going for it.

There are a number of advantages we can think of that make the Brabus Mercedes V-Class a superior car than the aforementioned luxury kings. First of all, there is the question of money. It’s a fully pimped out limo, this thing, but even so it costs less than a Maybach. Also, it is not showy like a Maybach, so you can go with this car to the worst parts of the town and not worry about getting robbed or kidnapped or whatever it is they do to rich people in bad parts of the town. With the V-Class you also get more space, it is more comfortable, and there are a lot more toys to play with as well.

Visually, Brabus Mercedes V-Class is distinguished over a normal model by virtue of its custom body kit, new tailpipes, and of course those 19” BRABUS Monoblock wheels. But this car is all about the inside and that’s where things get interesting. You get BRABUS Mastik leather in any conceivable color with refined precious wood or genuine carbon-fiber elements plus aluminum, accents. The biggest highlight though are two 15.6-inch LCD screens, which are stylishly integrated into the headliner and display the image from Apple TV, Blu-Ray player or DVBT receiver. They come with Sennheiser wireless headphones. You also get 4G mobile internet and  touch pads that can be used to open and close the BRABUS power curtains, operate the sliding door or control the screens, reading lamps and the seat heating.

Performance-wise, the Brabus V-Class is based on the V 250 BlueTEC model, but it’s boosted to 235 hp and 510 Nm (376 lb-ft) of torque which makes possible a top speed of 210 km/h. The suspension is also tweaked for better ride quality and road holding.

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