/Gallery: Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Multitude!

Gallery: Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R Multitude!

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Among all the cars Japanese tuner LB-Performance has blessed with their wide body kits the Ferrari 458 gets the most attention, the Lamborghini Aventador is second, and then there is the Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R. That’s a shame, because these distinctive kits were first developed for the GT-R and look their very vest on this car.

GT-R fans should not despair, however, because we decided to make it up to the Godzilla by putting together a large gallery of some of the coolest looking Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R models currently in existence. They are authentic too, not just something put together hastily by a tuner in the back alleys of L.A. These are all Tokyo-based cars done by LB themselves, in collaboration with other big names like Armytrix Exhaust, AirRex Suspension and Forgiato Wheels.

The recipe for a Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R wide body is actually pretty simple. It’s the design of the parts that matter. The kit includes custom bumpers, side skirts, and those unique bolt-on fenders. The wings and spoilers are optional, but the air suspension and the fat wheels and tires are vital parts of the programs because without them the whole thing would look rather ridiculous.

Another optional feature on these cars is the Armytrix F1 Valvetronic Exhaust with remote control. This is one of the nicest sounding exhaust systems you can get for the GT-R, as you can hear in this video.

Photos via Armytrix

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