/Gallery: Merlin Purple Audi RS4 on Vossen Wheels

Gallery: Merlin Purple Audi RS4 on Vossen Wheels

Merlin Purple Audi RS4 0 600x370 at Gallery: Merlin Purple Audi RS4 on Vossen Wheels

Americans aren’t really that into station wagon cars. Their roads are huge and if they need a practical car with a big boot, they just go and buy an SUV. But those of them who like the idea of a wagon, go to enormous length to create the perfect one. This Audi RS4 is one such thing; a man’s idea of a perfect estate car.

This car apparently started life as a normal A4 Avant. It was then converted to an Audi RS4 by a body shop called De’ Caudella using bumpers, rear quarters, doors, and front fenders imported front Europe. They then resprayed the whole thing in Merlin Purple which is an Audi Exclusive color, and voila, the sickest station wagon in America was created.

The work wasn’t done after that though, because as you know Americans are huge fans of high-end aftermarket wheels. It’s a multi-million dollar business these days and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. For this project the creators went to Vossen Wheels and ordered a custom set of their retro-cool their limited-edition VLE-1 wheels in 20×10.5? sizing on all four corners, finished in Silver Metallic.

An air suspension system was the last mod this Merlin Purple Audi RS4 needed to become the handsome thing you see in the gallery below:

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