/Matte Green Chrome BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap

Matte Green Chrome BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap

Green Chrome BMW i8 0 600x412 at Matte Green Chrome BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap

We are used to seeing unique BMW i8s with special colors and options at BMW Abu Dhabi. But all of those cars are Individual models prepared by the company. This Matte Green Chrome BMW i8 you see here is a tuner car, which explains why it looks so weird.

BMW themselves would never release an i8 with this color and that design. Not that it’s bad or anything, but it’s a bit… well, much! First there is the green color which would be showy enough on an i8, and it’s been matted and then chromed. And as if that wasn’t enough they went ahead and garnished it with black stripes and accents.

Still, at least it’s done rather tastefully. The design the guys from Impressive Wrap have come up with for the Green Chrome BMW i8 makes use of gloss black stripes to complement the car’s original lines and styling features and accent off the good parts such as the hood scoop and the front fascia.

They have also finished the wheels in black which is a very welcome change and covers up the nasty design of the rims fairly well, and also installed 4D carbon lips and side skirts to give the car a more prominent look. All in all, not a bad effort, but one that certainly won’t appeal to everybody.

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