/VATH Mercedes E500 Comes with 550 PS

VATH Mercedes E500 Comes with 550 PS

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The latest Mercedes-Benz model to undergo a VATH treatment, from which everything emerges more powerful and nicer to drive, is a Mercedes E-Class 500 V8. The V50RS, as VATH Mercedes E500 is called, packs 550 horsepower which is almost the same amount you get from an E63 AMG model.

That begs the question why would anyone buy a VATH Mercedes E500 instead of the AMG model. Well, to be honest with you we can’t think of any rational reason. It’s just that VATH is a cool brand and not as “obvious” as an AMG car. So you get the performance, but in a more understated and dignified wrapping.

Visually, VATH Mercedes E500 is different from a normal E-Class only due to a small boot lid spoiler, and a set of VATH forged wheels, measuring 9×20 with 255/30R20 tires in front and in 10.5×20 with 295/25R20 on the rear axle. There is also an AIRMATIC sports suspension system that lowers the ride height a bit. But all in all, it’s not that different to look that compared to a regular E500.

The performance package VATH for the V8 engine in the E500 includes three main areas of improvement. First there is the new software they have developed for the engine which increases its output as well as the top speed by removing the limiter. Then we have the VATH intercooler for the turbochargers, and finally a catback exhaust system with some large tailpipes. The result of all this is 550 PS and 830 Nm of max. torque, and a top speed of over 300 km/h.

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