/What Do You Think of This Bubblegum Pink Mercedes SLK?

What Do You Think of This Bubblegum Pink Mercedes SLK?

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The guys at Impressive Wrap tuning shop pride themselves in being able to cater to their customers’ every wish, no matter how crazy or ridiculous. So when the owner of this Mercedes SLK – we’re guessing, nay hoping, a lady – turned up and asked for a pink wrap, they were only happy to oblige. And that’s how the world’s first Bubblegum Pink Mercedes SLK was created!

It’s a pity they picked this particular generation of the SLK for the treatment because it is the best-looking of the bunch. The one that went before and the one that came after were both really rather terrible to look at. The R171 generation was inspired by Mercedes F1 car of the time and it will definitely go down in the history books as one of the finest designs the German company have ever come up with.

The SLK nameplate, as you may know, will soon be killed and replaced with the all-new SLC. Hopefully that car will look better than what we currently have, but we doubt it would hold a candle to the R171. We absolutely loved the AMG version of this car with a big 450 horsepower V8 engine. It was just fantastic.

This Bubblegum Pink Mercedes SLK is an insult to the R171, no doubt about that. But at least they didn’t mess with the body panels and left the standard AMG wheels intact. Let’s hope they wrapped the car in pink for some breast cancer campaign or something like that. That’d be the only good that can come of this treatment.

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