/Ambulance Yellow BMW M6 by DRM Motorworx

Ambulance Yellow BMW M6 by DRM Motorworx

Ambulance Yellow BMW M6 0 600x360 at Ambulance Yellow BMW M6 by DRM Motorworx

There is no doubt that BMW M6 Coupe is a very good looking car. But there is also no denying that it is fat. It wasn’t that noticeable when the car first came out, but as it’s aging this becomes more of a problem. One way to get around this problem is to visually modify your car. This Ambulance Yellow BMW M6 might give you ideas on that.

Done up by DRM Motorworx of North Carolina, the Ambulance Yellow BMW M6 features a unique lemon-colored wrap from Avery Dennison applied by Wrap-Tastic. The car retains in this treatment its carbon fiber roof and aero parts which make a great contrast with the color of the body.

Another highlight of DRM’s M6 relying on contrast to make a positive change in the car’s appearance is the set of 22″ Maglia wheels from Forgiato. The oversized matte black rims are a tight fit inside the M6’s fenders, but what they do is make the car itself look smaller and thinner, which is very good.

This nicely tricked-out BMW M6 also comes with a performance upgrade in form of a chip tuning kit from ECU Tuning Group. They haven’t mentioned any performance figures, but rest assured the top speed limited is gone and the V8 beast can now reach over 200 mph.

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