/Eye Candy: Liberty Walk BMW M4 in M Livery

Eye Candy: Liberty Walk BMW M4 in M Livery

Liberty Walk BMW M4 M Livery 0 600x343 at Eye Candy: Liberty Walk BMW M4 in M Livery

There is something about the design of BMW M vehicles that make them perfect candidates for wide body treatments. Among all the wide body kits crafted so far for the new BMW M3 and M4 we have two favorites. One is the kit by Vorsteiner, and the other is this, the Liberty Walk BMW M4.

We have seen the Liberty Walk BMW M4 plenty in its pain Jain guise. Now we have come across one that’s been wrapped in a rather cool M livery with the traditional stripes rearranged in a new format. It is a serious eye candy and the perfect complement for the LB-Works wide body kit.

This car is a project by Unique Cars Club, built by JP Performance in Germany. The body kit itself consists of the signature bolt-on Liberty Walk wide fenders which in the case of the M4 are extended so they cover parts of the front bumper and side sills at the back, side skirts, rear diffuser extension, and a ducktail boot lid spoiler. Other vital ingredients include an air suspension system and a set of ultra-wide wheels and tires, preferably with extreme positive camber.

For comparison purposes we have also included pictures of the car without the livery, and also a non-wide body M4 by JP Performance wrapped in a pretty cool Atomic Teal in the gallery below:

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