/Super Insane Lamborghini Aventadors from Japan

Super Insane Lamborghini Aventadors from Japan

insane lamo 1 600x334 at Super Insane Lamborghini Aventadors from Japan

During his trip to Japan, YouTube’s car guy Marchettino was granted access to a special super car parking lot where he filmed four of the most insane Lamborghini Aventadors in the world. The looks of these cars and the little details built into every inch of them beggars belief. Don’t stare at them for long, or you go mad!

Fortunately Marchettino begins with showing us the most sober one of these Lamborghini Aventadors and works his way up to the most crazy, which is a leopard skin wrapped LB-Works Aventador with spikes on the edge of body panels and star-shaped taillights:

The Japanese are a peculiar people. It is as if they live in an anime or something. If you drive any one of these Lambos in Europe or America people will think you are absolutely crazy… or Japanese. Out there in the land of the rising sun though, they are considered the very height of coolness.

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