/MG GS Crossover Officially Teased

MG GS Crossover Officially Teased

MG GS Crossover 600x450 at MG GS Crossover Officially Teased

The Chinese-owned British brand MG released the first sketches of what in June this year will be turned into a new production SUV called MG GS. Apparently they have studied the market thoroughly before deciding to build this model. The studies revealed to them what everybody already knew: SUVs sell well in today’s market.

Now that seems pretty obvious, but to make their research sound important and not a waste of time MG says they have also found that people are buying SUVs and crossovers because they offer the same sense of driving joy and freedom as sports car. That’s a big claim and, we suspect, completely false. An SUV can never drive like a sports car, nor deliver the same sense of driving fun.

At any rate, the new MG GS crossover is being readied in time for a London Motor Show debut in May and, as mentioned, market launch in June. Don’t expect much from it though, because at the end of the day it’s just an eco car made by the Chinese.

Martin Uhlarik, Deputy Design Director for the UK, said: “The team were full of enthusiasm when the brief was given to them and, with their passion, it translated into their designs. The GS came to life in Longbridge, as this is where the design themes started and the interior and exterior looks were pulled together. Consideration for the customer has happened from the very beginning and we’ve aimed to give them what they want. We truly believe that we have created a competitive car that shows MG as forward-thinking, consumer-conscious and a great producer of cars that can appeal to anyone at any point in their life.”

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