/Oettinger Audi RS3 Packs 520 PS

Oettinger Audi RS3 Packs 520 PS

Oettinger Audi RS3 0 600x394 at Oettinger Audi RS3 Packs 520 PS

German tuner Oettinger Sportsystems GmbH has come up with a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist! The standard Audi RS3 comes with 367 horsepower which, most people agree, is more than enough. But they went to enormous length to create the very unique, very powerful Oettinger Audi RS3 which has 520 horsepower.

Remapped ECU, high-performance intakes and turbocharger, and custom exhaust system are among the main changes that see to it Oettinger Audi RS3 packs a 520 PS and 680 Nm of torque punch. This power enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,3 to 3,5 seconds, and go past 200 km/h 8 seconds later.

The 520 horsepower kit is not for the faint of heart. It turns the RS3 from a hot hatch into a proper pocket rocket. For those who can’t handle that much power Oettinger also offers a 450 hp kit. On the other side of the scale the tuner can also boost the output to 650 hp, 750 hp and beyond, but those kits are not really practical for road users.

The cool thing about this new power kit is that it’s not limited to Oettinger Audi RS3. Any one of the VW Group’s cars powered by the five-cylinder turbo engine can be equipped with these packages and reap the benefits of the brute force it offers.

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