/Chrome-Wrapped BMW M3 E92 by Fostla

Chrome-Wrapped BMW M3 E92 by Fostla

Chrome Wrapped BMW M3 0 600x346 at Chrome Wrapped BMW M3 E92 by Fostla

While the new F80 generation BMW M3 keeps getting better and better styling-wise with every visual treatment it gets, the previous E92 seems to be doing the opposite. It’s not entirely the car’s fault for aging badly. In this case at least, the tuner is to be blamed for the unsightly looks.

What Fostla has done here with this Chrome-Wrapped BMW M3 is trying to cover up the age of the design with an extremely shiny surface. It’s like an old man trying to cover the wrinkles around his eyes by wearing a ridiculously large pair of sunglasses. It’ll be worth than what you’d begun with.

What’s more, it has been an exercise in futility because not only the chrome wrap on this BMW M3 does not manage to divert your attention from aging design of the car, it actually shines a brighter spotlight on it. What have here then is, in short, a car having a mid-life crisis. So if you want to have one with it, go right ahead.

Of course, this M3 does have some redeeming features such as Carbonfiber Dynamics carbon hood, front lip, exhaust tail pipes, side skirts edges and rear spoiler lip, and 20-inch Breyton GTS wheels. But they can’t save the car from that horrendous wrap which, by the way, accounts for a huge chunk of the 14,000 EUR this program has cost.

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