/DMC Lamborghini Aventador by Velos Designwerks

DMC Lamborghini Aventador by Velos Designwerks

DMC Lamborghini Aventador Velos 0 600x384 at DMC Lamborghini Aventador by Velos Designwerks

One of the latest DMC Lamborghini Aventador Molto Veloces to grace Canadian roads is this Roadster beauty built by Velos Designwerks in partnership with Simply Tire. This rather unique piece of kit started life as a Plain Jane white Aventador and it’s now anything but.

The tuner first bolted on the car the widely popular DMC Molto Veloce carbon fiber styling package consisting of a front spoiler lip, side aero skirts, a rear diffuser much larger than the Aventa’s own, and a ginormous rear wing which is kind of the signature dish for DMC’s visual treatment. This mod alone would have seen to it that Velos’s DMC Lamborghini Aventador would never mistaken for a stock version.

But to make sure the car also sets itself aside as something truly special, the tuners then set about upgrading some of the more profound elements of the car. First off, they went out and got themselves a complete IPE exhaust system. This is one of those fire-spitting exhausts with a deafening roar. Then a set of Signature D5 Directional Monoblock Forged Wheels were acquired and finished in Candy Gold Gloss Clear. The wheels’s all-consuming presence makes the Molto Veloce obscure.

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