/Mercedes G63 AMG on HRE Wheels Is a Faux 4×4²

Mercedes G63 AMG on HRE Wheels Is a Faux 4×4²

Mercedes G63 AMG HRE WB 0 600x409 at Mercedes G63 AMG on HRE Wheels Is a Faux 4x4²

Can’t afford a Mercedes G500 4×4²? Do not worry. You can still have the same sort of ridiculously tall G-Wagen for a lot less thanks to a simple trick by Wheels Boutique. It’s actually better, because their faux 4×4² is based on a Mercedes G63 AMG which is more powerful.

It’s actually doubly better in the case of this particular Mercedes G63 AMG because it’s a Crazy Color version with a radiant Solarbeam Yellow paint job and gloss black accents and details, as well as a few aftermarket goodies, chief among which a set of massive new wheels wrapped wit chunky off-road tires.

What Wheels Boutique has done here, and it’s very clever, is jack up a Mercedes G63 AMG on a set of HRE TR45 rims, naturally in black, and equip them with very tall off-road tires. And like so you get 90 percent of the looks of a 4×4². You can also get that car’s extended wheel arches from tuners like Brabus, but you really shouldn’t.

We like WB’s high-riding G-Wagen a lot better than the standard 4×4² first because it doesn’t cost as much, and second, because it looks less ridiculous. This thing looks like a serious off-roader whereas the 4×4² is just a big toy. 

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