/Soundcheck: Fi Exhaust BMW M2

Soundcheck: Fi Exhaust BMW M2

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It was only a few day ago when we mentioned Armytrix exhaust as one of the essential mods for any BMW M2. Since then though, other exhaust makers have released their own custom system for the German sports car. So now let’s listen to what Frequency Intelligent has to say.

The system installed on this BMW M2 is officially called Fi Exhaust Turbo Back Valvetronic with carbon fiber tips. Crank up your speakers, because it’s a good one:

BMW M2, as you know, has a heavily turbocharged straight-six engine, and neither of those characteristics are good for exhaust noise. That is why there are all of a sudden so many aftermarket exhaust systems available for it, because it’s too good a car not to have an eargasmic soundtrack. Fi Exhaust system for the M2 is a valvetronic system which means you can control the volume. As Fi explains, “When the valves are fully open for maximum flow and power, it creates an exotic tone and allows for high performance.” When you are not in the mood though, one click on the remote control will shut the car up. There is also an automatic mode in which, depending on the rpm you’re rocking, you get a different sound.

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