/Apple Green Audi RS6 with Butterscotch Wheels!

Apple Green Audi RS6 with Butterscotch Wheels!

Apple Green Audi RS6 butterscotch 0 600x376 at Apple Green Audi RS6 with Butterscotch Wheels!

Okay, depending on your views on the use of vibrant contrasting together, this thing is either a work of art or a ghastly eyesore. We don’t like flashy things in general, but we have to say we kinda like this Apple Green Audi RS6 with its unique butterscotch wheels. It’s a fun thing to look at, and pretty appetizing as well.  

And that’s all it is to us: an eye candy. We wouldn’t want to be seen in something like this. Still, more people will find this a cool proposition than you think, because the paint work on this car is neither a wrap nor an aftermarket job. The Apple Green Audi RS6 is a special commission Audi Exclusive product with a factory paint job and special features. And this is not even the craziest color Audi Exclusive can offer you. What’s happening to these Germans?

The butterscotch wheels, though, those are aftermarket. They come from Vossen Wheels, one of only a handful of wheel makers in the business who can tailor a bespoke set of rims to a car as special as the RS6 with its unique requirements in terms of finish, weight optimization, and performance consideration as it’ll have work with at least 560 horsepower. The wheels Vossen has come up with for this Apple Green Audi RS6 are 21 inch VPS-307 models. The owner has also painted the grille, exterior trim and rear diffuser in the same yummy color as the wheels.

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