/HGK BMW 2 Series “F22 Eurofighter” Packs 820 hp

HGK BMW 2 Series “F22 Eurofighter” Packs 820 hp

HGK BMW 2 Series 600x382 at HGK BMW 2 Series “F22 Eurofighter” Packs 820 hp

In the lower levels of the tuning scene, where cars and parts are more affordable, there’s a lot of experimentation going on with tuners often coming up with some crazy ideas. One of latest off-the-hook crazy ideas is the HGK BMW 2 Series powered by a V8 crate motor from GM. They call this creature the F22 Eurofighter.

Despite the lofty name, HGK BMW 2 Series cannot fly or shoot missiles. What it can do, though, is shred tires and asphalt like no other thing you’ve ever come across. The reason for that is because the V8 motor they have fitted to this bad boy generates 820 horsepower, and that makes this car almost as powerful as a Porsche 918.

The tuning of the engine on HGK BMW 2 Series has been done by Mast Motorsport and they have mated it to a Samsonas five-speed sequential transmission and high performance Winters differential. Obviously, the rest of the car could not be left in standard guise because they wouldn’t be able to take 820 hp. So the car was altered to Formula Drift specs with a carbon Kevlar body, a bespoke aero kit, adjustable suspension, special wheels and tires, roll cage, endurance fuel tank, powerful brakes and so on.

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