/Insane PP-Performance Audi RS7 Packs 745 hp!

Insane PP-Performance Audi RS7 Packs 745 hp!

PP Performance Audi RS7 745 0 600x382 at Insane PP Performance Audi RS7 Packs 745 hp!

Everybody knows that Audi’s turbocharged engines have a huge potential for upgrade, but the latest one of these units to get tuned takes that notion to new heights. This “sparkling berry” PP-Performance Audi RS7 you see here is upgraded by the German firm to 745 horsepower.

With that kind of power you would think there is some kind of extreme trick at work here, something like Nitrus or race fuel or something. But no, it’s all down to a number of really good aftermarket performance parts. The meat of PP-Performance Audi RS7 power kit is a Stage II software, and it works in tandem with an Akrapovic Evolution titanium exhaust system that weighs only 8.1 kg. This set up is then complemented with downpipes and BMC performance air filter. With a little bit of turbo boost adjustment these mods result in an output of 745 hp and 1,008 Nm of torque.

Of the performance figures the tuners has only mentioned the car’s quarter-mile time, but that is frankly enough to let you know what kind of monster this PP-Performance Audi RS7 really is. That figure stands at 10.6 seconds. Other highlights of the beast of a machine include a set of 21 inch Schmidt Revolution wheels, KW adjustable springs, and a really interesting matte violet wrap by Cam Shaft which they call Sparkling Berry. This whole project has been quite an expensive one, but the result is greatest modified RS7 in the world. So it’s been worth it.

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