/Straight-Piped ABT Audi RS6 Sounds Nasty

Straight-Piped ABT Audi RS6 Sounds Nasty

Straight Piped ABT Audi RS6 600x338 at Straight Piped ABT Audi RS6 Sounds Nasty

And we do mean nasty. It’s not like when you use a negative adjective as a cool way of praising something. This time nasty means nasty, as in horrible, awful, crappy. Just have a listen to the sounds this ABT Audi RS6 makes thanks to its straight-piped dekat Milltek exhaust. It’s just a loud noise that is the exhaust opposite of a sonorous sound, which is the whole point of getting a custom exhaust system.

The system on this ABT Audi RS6 is set up to just be loud and make everybody look at the car as it goes by. What the owner doesn’t realize is that it’s not a good look people are giving him. They are cursing him under their breath for ruining their day with the nasty sound of his car.

We are all for tuned cars and sport exhaust systems, but even we think the Police should impound this thing and revoke the owner’s driver’s license. Sorry mate. Your car sounds nasty. Just nasty.

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