/Wald Mercedes S-Class Coupe in Black Chrome

Wald Mercedes S-Class Coupe in Black Chrome

Wald S Coupe Forg 0 600x361 at Wald Mercedes S Class Coupe in Black Chrome

Of all the aftermarket kits released so far for the coupe version of the W222 Mercedes S-Class, the one by Wald seems to be the most popular in the U.S. Here we have yet another Wald Mercedes S-Class Coupe adorned with this body kit, and this one also gets a nice wrap and some fancy wheels.

Even though it does not look like it, Wald Mercedes S-Class Coupe visual treatment is quite an extreme one that requires extensive work on the panels and a lot of laser cutting and sanding and adjusting to install. And when someone commits to such a thing, they usually go all the way and get a super wide body kit. But Wald’s treatment is designed for those who like a bit of subtlety, those who want to show off they are not rolling stock, but not so brazenly as to look bad doing it.

You could almost call Wald Mercedes S-Class Coupe styling kit a wide body affair, what with those custom front wings which feature massive gills on either side. But on the whole the kit is fairly restrained and the bumpers and skirts are not in-your-face at all. This particular Wald-S-Coupe is wrapped in a really cool black chrome which complements the kit with its gloss black accents nicely and also go well with the two-tone Forgiato Ventoso-ECL wheels.

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