/Watch Alfa Romeo MiTo Create Some Sort of Art

Watch Alfa Romeo MiTo Create Some Sort of Art

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We do realize that real artists will scoff at this whole thing and dismiss if out of hand as a brazen misuse of the word ‘art’ to promote a little hatchback called the Alfa Romeo MiTo. But as far as publicity stunts go, the MiTo warehouse art is actually a good one and makes more sense than is first apparent.

You see, having the Alfa Romeo MiTo drive around in a warehouse covered with powder and wet paint provides a good opportunity for the car maker to show off the vehicle’s DNA system. The driver started out in Dynamic mode and drifted about on the powder, and then when he got to the wet stuff he switched the system to All-Weather which is tailored for slippery surfaces. What we don’t get why is Alfa is making a big deal of is filming the clip on an iPhone 7, something they proudly flaunt as an “industry first.”

Damien Dally, Alfa Romeo UK Country Manager said, “This demonstration of the new Alfa MiTo’s agility and performance shows the quality of the technology at play in our cars and highlights how the stylish, dynamic new Alfa MiTo can be ready for anything at the flick of a switch.”

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