/ColorFlow Audi RS6 by Impressive Wrap

ColorFlow Audi RS6 by Impressive Wrap

Colorflow Audi RS6 0 600x425 at ColorFlow Audi RS6 by Impressive Wrap

As we mentioned when we showed you the last color-shifting wrap, these things are very much in at the moment. This one, an Avery ColorFlow Audi RS6, comes from the Hong Kong branch of Impressive Wrap and although it may look plain green in these photos, if the right light hits it you’re going to be amazed at how chameleon-like it is.

The unique make of these wraps give you a whole spectrum of colors in the same package which, we suppose, is good for those who get bored with uniform colors often. That said, the very dynamic nature of this treatment could get overwhelming after a while. It could also potentially cause problems. Like, if a police car is chasing this ColorFlow Audi RS6 and wants to describe it to dispatch, what should he say the color is? We’re in pursuit, Audi station wagon, green, no wait it’s purple… nope, it looks red now…

Chameleon, or ColorFlow, wraps are a huge trend now though, and like most things trendy they will have their time and then go away. It’s a good thing these are wraps and not an actual paint job, so if one day you woke and up and thought what the hell have I done to my car all you have to do is rip the vinyl off. This is pretty much what most of the chrome wrap owners did when they realized they’d done a terrible mistake!

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