/Preview: RENNtech Mercedes-AMG C63 Aero Kit

Preview: RENNtech Mercedes-AMG C63 Aero Kit

RENNtech Mercedes AMG C63 Aero Kit 600x342 at Preview: RENNtech Mercedes AMG C63 Aero Kit

German-American tuner of Mercedes-Benz cars, RENNtech is in the process of developing a bespoke aero package for the latest Mercedes C63 AMG sedan, and by the looks of things they are going for a racy, aggressive look. The new RENNtech Mercedes-AMG C63 is going to be one of only a few full set kits for this car in the U.S.

RENNtech has a unique way of going about upgrading the car they work on. Most of the time they are only bothered with what’s under the bonnet, coming up with various engine maps and exhaust systems and air intake solutions to make the motor pump a lot more power than it should. But every once in while they set their technical ambitions aside for a minute and let the designers go mad and alter the look of the car to their heart’s content.

This RENNtech Mercedes-AMG C63 seems to be the result of one of those rare moments, although somebody up in the tuner’s top brass must have put on the brakes at some point because RENNtech boss is not fond of excessively flashy stuff. So while their new C63 does get a rear wing, it’s not a very protruding one, and the rear diffuser and, presumably, the front lip are only slightly larger than the stock units. Still, that red stripe will let any onlooker know this little car is something special.

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