/BMW M2 Gains 410 PS Through Software Mod

BMW M2 Gains 410 PS Through Software Mod

BMW M2 Mcchip 0 600x391 at BMW M2 Gains 410 PS Through Software Mod

It is a known, though not often talked about, fact that M GmbH engines have an immense potential for upgrades. Some of them are actually underrated by the car maker. In the case of the BMW M2 the potential is so high that with a simple chip tuning you can gain an extra 40 horsepower.

The proof comes from the guys at Mcchip-DKR who have just applied the treatment to a BMW M2 with great results. The N55 straight-six twin-turbo engine in the F87 M2 only needs a little persuasion in form of some computer codes to shoot up its output almost to the levels of its big brother, the M4. Now you might be saying that the engine in the M2 is basically the same as the one in the M4. And that is why a similar treatment for the M4 results in a GTS-like power output.

So with a few hours of fiddling with some electronic chips on the car’s ECU, Mcchip improves the maximum output of this BMW M2 from 370 PS and 500 Nm of torque to 411 PS with 564 Nm. Given the simplicity of the treatment, the reasonable cost relative to other forms of engine upgrades, and the general reliability of this sort of mods, getting this kit for the M2 is a complete no-brainer for every owner. The extra oomph not only make the car faster, but also more responsive and more enjoyable to live with overall.

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