/Eye Candy: Prior Design Mercedes C-Class Coupe

Eye Candy: Prior Design Mercedes C-Class Coupe

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When the designer were trying to come up with Prior Design Mercedes C-Class Coupe body kit, we suspect, they thought about what Megan Fox would look like in a lingerie, because the result is just as hot! This is hands down one of the best looking cars we’ve seen in 2017. 

And yet it has sprouting wings and swollen wheel arches which, to be honest, we don’t much like. The thing is, all of these parts do indeed work on the Prior Design Mercedes C-Class Coupe. That is partly because the base car is pretty good looking, and partly because the components themselves are very well designed and match the overall looks of the car. In any case, this is one drool-worthy Mercedes.

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For all its charm and sexiness, Prior Design Mercedes C-Class Coupe is made of only a handful of components. There is a gestalt thing going on here as the sum of the simple parts – front bumper with spoiler, rear bumper with diffuser, vented bonnet, side skirts, and rear wing – is a whole different thing and a lot greater than the individual parts. We would have this kit on a C63 AMG – or a C43 in a pinch – and it would be the perfect car for urban cruising and B-road bashing.

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