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Fast. Furious. Lotus. After taking one glance at a Lotus automobile racing down the road, it is unequivocally clear that there is something special about this type of vehicle.  Whether it is a Lotus Elise S1, a Lotus GT1 Road Car or anything in between, Lotus Cars have a reputation for being sleek, sporty, and above all, fast. The history of the Lotus vehicle began with a man by the name of Colin Chapman.

Originally, University College, London graduate and thriving engineer, Colin Chapman created the company under the name Lotus Engineering Ltd. in 1952. The Lotus Car Company was based at a former World War II airfield in Norfolk a British producer of sports cars and racing cars alike. Moreover, Lotus Cars also owns the famous engineering consulting firm titled Lotus Engineering, and is based in all of the following locations: the United Kingdom, the United States,Malaysia and China. Presently, the company is owned by Proton.

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In 1948, the type one trials special was the first Lotus car built and it possessed quite definitive features. Based on a 1930 Austin 7 saloon, Chapman made sure that the car could withstand great distress, making the strength of the vehicle a vital element for all Lotus cars to come. The strength of the car was accomplished by guaranteeing that every single panel in the body of the vehicle was stressed so that it would be able to withstand strain and pressure without weighing down the automobile gratuitously.  Ultimately, this approach of ensuring a strong car body accompanied by a lightweight feel became a philosophy that has transcended throughout the Lotus tradition. Eventually, the Lotus Group of Companies was formed in 1959. This grouping of companies was comprised of Lotus Cars Limited and Lotus Components Limited, which focused correspondingly on the production of road vehicles and competitive car production.

The company has seen most of its success with the addition of the Lotus Formula One car. While Stirling Moss achieved success in the marque’s very first Grand Prix in 1960 by driving a Lotus 18, true acclamation came in the year 1963. With his foot on the pedal of a Lotus 25, Jim Clark landed Lotus a title for its first F1 World Constructors Championship. Unfortunately, Clark met a tragic fate in the very brand of car that won him a Championship title, as he crashed a Formula Two Lotus 48 while racing.

In 1992, Team Lotus launched Classic Team Lotus and continues to uphold and sustain Lotus F1 FIA in Historic Formula One Championship by keeping the business all in the family under the supervision of Colin Chapman’s son, Clive.

Lotus model cars include the Lotus Elise, Lotus Exige, Lotus Exige S, Lotus Evora, Lotus 2-Eleven and Lotus T125 Exos, most of which you can still buy in the condition of used cars.used lotus evora 600x396 at Lotus History and Photo Gallery

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