/Lotus 3-Eleven 430: Sports Car Par Excellence

Lotus 3-Eleven 430: Sports Car Par Excellence

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Left to their own devices, Lotus like to make only hard-core, track-focused cars. Even during hard times when they have to produce ‘mainstream’ sports cars to survive, they can’t help but drive resources towards stuff like this, the new Lotus 3-Eleven 430. This is who they are, and what they do best. 

Though it does not look like it, Lotus 3-Eleven 430 is a road-legal machine. Mind you, what kind of roads you can drive this low and wide track car on without running into a million problems, we are not really sure. Realistically, the 3-Eleven can only be used on the race track, where it is most at home. The sports cars has some truly juicy specs, the main highlights of which include an output of 430hp, weight of 920 kg, power-to-weight ratio of 476 hp per tonne, 0 to 60 mph time of 3.1 seconds and top speed of 180 mph.

Lotus 3 Eleven 430 19 02 2018 2 730x690 at Lotus 3 Eleven 430: Sports Car Par Excellence

Of course, Lotus 3-Eleven 430 is more about the way it handles than straight line performance, and that’s not something you can put in figures. This is where the car’s massive aero kit comes to play, generating 265 kg at maximum speed. Other contributing factors include Torsen-type limited slip differential, Öhlins DFV one-way adjustable dampers and Eibach adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars,and 6-position variable traction control, linked directly to the ECU, with five pre-set traction levels. One must not forget to mention the 430’s AP Racing brakes and Michelin Cup 2 tires.

Lotus 3-Eleven 430 is priced at a whopping £102,000, mainly due to the fact that they are only making 20 copies.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO, Group Lotus plc commented: “When we first unveiled the Lotus 3-Eleven it heralded a new generation of truly focused, world-class sports cars. It altered perceptions of what was possible at this price category, and today the new 3-Eleven 430 moves the benchmark to remain the ultimate weapon in focused road driving and track work.”


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