/UK-Spec Volvo XC40 – Prices and Specs

UK-Spec Volvo XC40 – Prices and Specs

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Volvo is in a bit of a hurry to get the XC40 crossover into the market and with good reason. This is an excellent product for its class and the sooner they get it out there, the bigger their share of the pie. So they are now accepting orders for the 2018 Volvo XC40 in the UK, with prices starting from £27,905.

Now, 28 grand might seem like a lot of money for a crossover this size, especially when you look at the new Mitsu Eclipse Cross which starts at 21 grand. But you have to take into account with the Volvo XC40 you are getting a product of altogether higher class. The simple and elegant Scandinavian design of the XC40 is backed up by a range of good engines, superb practicality, second-to-none safety, and generous features.

Available engines for the 2018 Volvo XC40 at launch include 156 hp T3, 190 hp T4 and 247 hp T5 petrols, and 150 hp D3 and 190 hp D4 diesels. All of them are 2.0 liter units and they can ordered in combination with front- or all-wheel drive, and with manual and automatic gearboxes. Also notable is that even with the base model you get styling elements such as textile and vinyl interior upholstery and the option of a contrast-coloured white roof and door mirrors, along with white and black alloy wheels.

As for the standard kit, the list is really long. The main highlights include Sensus 9″ touch screen with voice-activated control featuring sat-nav, which includes real-time traffic information and lifetime map updates, and three USB sockets, Volvo On Call smartphone app and emergency assistance package, ED headlights, dual-zone climate control with Volvo’s sophisticated ‘CleanZone’ air-filtration system, a 12.3″ active TFT configurable driver’s information display and rear parking sensors. City Safety, Volvo’s automatic emergency braking system also comes as standard on all models.

2018 Volvo XC40 UK Pricing and Trims:

T3 FWD Momentum manual – £27,905
T4 AWD Momentum automatic – £32,055
D3 FWD Momentum manual – £28,965
D3 FWD Momentum automatic – £30,555
D3 AWD Momentum manual – £30,405
D3 AWD Momentum automatic – £31,955
T3 FWD Momentum Pro manual – £29,455
T4 AWD Momentum Pro automatic – £33,605
D3 FWD Momentum Pro manual – £30,515
D3 FWD Momentum Pro automatic – £32,105
D3 AWD Momentum Pro manual – £31,955
D3 AWD Momentum Pro automatic – £33,505
T3 FWD R-Design manual – £29,755
T4 AWD R-Design automatic – £33,905
T5 AWD R-Design automatic – £35,705
D3 FWD R-Design manual – £30,815
D3 FWD R-Design automatic – £32,405
D3 AWD R-Design manual – £32,255
D3 AWD R-Design automatic – £33,805
D4 AWD R-Design automatic – £34,655
T3 FWD R-Design Pro manual – £31,655
T4 AWD R-Design Pro automatic – £35,805
T5 AWD R-Design Pro automatic – £37,605
D3 FWD R-Design Pro manual – £32,715
D3 FWD R-Design Pro automatic – £34,305
D3 AWD R-Design Pro manual – £34,155
D3 AWD R-Design Pro automatic – £35,705
D4 AWD R-Design Pro automatic – £36,555
T3 FWD Inscription manual – £30,405
T4 AWD Inscription automatic – £34,555
T5 AWD Inscription automatic – £36,355
D3 FWD Inscription manual – £31,465
D3 FWD Inscription automatic – £33,055
D3 AWD Inscription manual – £32,905
D3 AWD Inscription automatic – £34,455
D4 AWD Inscription automatic – £35,305
T3 FWD Inscription Pro manual – £31,955
T4 AWD Inscription Pro automatic – £36,105
T5 AWD Inscription Pro automatic – £37,905
D3 FWD Inscription Pro manual – £33,015
D3 FWD Inscription Pro automatic – £34,605
D3 AWD Inscription Pro manual – £34,455
D3 AWD Inscription Pro automatic – £36,005
D4 AWD Inscription Pro automatic – £36,855
T5 AWD First Edition automatic – £40,355
D4 AWD First Edition automatic – £39,305

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