Design Study: Bugatti Gangloff Concept

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Bugatti Gangloff Concept 1 545x408 at Design Study: Bugatti Gangloff Concept

Bugatti Gangloff Concept is an independent design study by designer Pawel Czyzewski. His goal was to create a modern-day 1938 Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe one-off. An ambitious target, but he has done a solid job.

The Gangloff mixes the styling cues of the old car with modern Bugatti elements. So while the profile resembles the Atalante, the panels, front and rear bumper, headlights, hood, and the grilles, they are all modern, sleek, and instantly recognizable as a new Bugatti.

Gangloff 545x408 at Design Study: Bugatti Gangloff Concept

The whole thing has an air of absolute luxury and absolute exclusivity about it, especially inside the cabin. The console and stuff are inspired by the Veyron, but the excessive use of metal surfaces set it apart from the production car. As Pawel says: “in times of commercial trash and plastic it is hard to see something that has a soul and is able to squeeze out a positive mark on the heart.”

As far as design studies go, the Gangloff is a big, solid A+. We bet Bugatti designer are now scratching their heads wondering why couldn’t they come up with such a thing.


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