/Bugatti Chiron’s Telemetry System Offers Real-Time Support

Bugatti Chiron’s Telemetry System Offers Real-Time Support

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Bugatti was one of the first automakers to integrate a telemetry data analysis system in their cars with the Veyron. The latest versions of this system in the Bugatti Chiron have grown into a very sophisticated system though, offering customers real-time diagnosis and support. 

And this happens without the customers even knowing. The telemetry device in the the Bugatti Chiron is online and connected to base 24/7, sending data about the cart’s health to the engineers and technicians in Molsheim. It is exactly like the kind of systems they use in Formula 1 and DTM, only it works on a global scale. Bugatti tells story about this system in which they called a Chiron owner in a Gulf state to let him know the air pressure in one of his tires was not optimum.

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While one would expect such amazing services when one pays $3 million for a car, the whole does sound a little creepy, does it not? It’s not just about Bugatti Chiron. All connected cars have this creep factor because if someone on the other side of the planet can tell your tire pressure is low, what else can he know about you? It’s the same story with smartphones and Facebook and all the other services that gather and store our data.

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“Our customers have the most demanding requirements for individual support in all areas of their lives. That also applies to their vehicle fleets and automobile collections,” says Malinowski. “In this area too, Bugatti goes one step further than other manufacturers. With our telemetry system, we can provide our customers with assistance in all technical matters related to their Bugatti. At any hour of the day and, if necessary, also of the night.”


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