/100th Bugatti Chiron Leaves Molsheim L‘Atelier

100th Bugatti Chiron Leaves Molsheim L‘Atelier

01 Chiron 100 1 730x380 at 100th Bugatti Chiron Leaves Molsheim L‘Atelier

Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. is celebrating a new milestone, the production of the 100th Bugatti Chiron. Finished in a unique paintwork, the €2.85 million hypercar marks the achievement of firm’s mid-term goals, and is a harbinger of more good days ahead. 

Ordered by a customer from the Arabian peninsula, the 100th Bugatti Chiron features a dark blue carbon fiber body which, for the first time, is treated with a matte finish. The whole thing is then complemented with red accents and details, a theme that continues inside the cabin and gives this special Chiron a nice sporty edge.

So despite what they used to say in the days of the Veyron about the car being a total financial disaster – since it cost more to produce than it was sold for – by sticking with it Bugatti has managed to create a successful business model. Somehow they have convinced people that it is normal to pay close to three million Euros for what is basically a toy. Each year they are selling 70 vehicles now, and they are going to produce a total of 500 Chirons in various guises. So yes, things are going good at Molsheim.

01 Chiron 100 730x301 at 100th Bugatti Chiron Leaves Molsheim L‘Atelier

Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., congratulated the owner: “I find the 100th Chiron especially pleasing. It is dynamic and elegant in equal measure. This car shows that Bugatti produces highly individualized masterpieces of automobile craftsmanship that are simply unparalleled.”

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