Superman-Themed Kia Optima Teased for Chicago Show

Superman Themed Optima 545x395 at Superman Themed Kia Optima Teased for Chicago Show

At the 2013 Chicago Auto Show Kia will completes its Justice League concepts with a Superman-themed Optima Hybrid. It will join the rest of the super hero cars, designed to promote DC’s “We Can Be Heroes” charity campaign.

Apart from the Superman paint job, the Optima Hybrid will also get a massive body kit with extended fenders, revised bumpers, and large spoilers. Well, that much is clear from the teaser picture they sent out. More details will be released closer to the show.

It may sound terribly geeky to make a series of Justice League cars, but they serve a very cool purpose, which is raising fund for the campaign that fights hunger in the Horn of Africa. Plus, it’ll probably make Sheldon very happy!

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