Volvo Polestar S60 at Jay Leno’s Garage – Video

Jay Leno S60 545x321 at Volvo Polestar S60 at Jay Lenos Garage   Video

The guys from Polestar, which is Volvo’s performance and motorsport arm, drop by Jay Leno’s garage again, this time with their S60 concept. Their previous effort with the C30 was absolutely brilliant, but this new S60 is just unbelievable. It’s a 500+ hp Volvo sedan with four-wheel-drive and a six-speed stick; a true M3 killer.

Sadly, it is only a concept for now, and even if they make it, it’ll be produced in limited numbers and with a huge price tag. As a technical exercise, Volvo S60 Polestar is fantastic. But it is not very realistic. Let’s be honest who’s going to pay like 100 grand for a Volvo?!

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