2013 Range Rover Convertible by NCE

2013 range rover convertible NCE 1 600x399 at 2013 Range Rover Convertible by NCE

The Range Rover you see in the picture above has not been crashed or anything. It is actually a brand-new 2013 Range Rover Vogue Autobiography – the most expensive version of the British SUV. It’s been turned into a soft-top convertible by Newport Convertible Engineering.

Nothing wrong with the idea of a convertible Range Rover; inĀ  fact Range Rover themselves are plotting a drop-top Evoque. But there are a couple of large question marks above the way they have executed this idea.

They should have taken a few steps back when they finished it and just look at the mess they created. It is utterly and shamelessly awful. We reckon it wouldn’t be so horrendously horrible if they’d gone for a sort of Speedster look with the pillars and side windows removed altogether. But as it is, the 2013 Range Rover Convertible is one of the ugliest things in the world.

If we owned Range Rover at this point we’d be suing the crap out of Newport Convertible Engineering!

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