/Glohh Launches “Dramatic” Taillights for Range Rover Sport

Glohh Launches “Dramatic” Taillights for Range Rover Sport

GL 5i image 2 730x424 at Glohh Launches Dramatic Taillights for Range Rover Sport

Following the success of GL-3 Dynamic taillights for Range Rover Sport in 2013, UK firm Glohh has now come up with GL-5i. The new fancy taillight is designed for the latest RR Sport (L494) and it features an innovative feature called ‘dynamic start-up display’ or DSD. 

To Glohh taillights are such a big deal, they have put a lot of thought in their latest product. The GL-5i features a three-dimensional brake-light, enhanced aerodynamics, an ultra-sharp sequential indicator and hidden-until-in-use reverse-light. Mind you, these driving lights are not something you can enjoy yourself, as you won’t get to see them, hardly ever. You spend a lot of money on these lights basically to impress the guy behind you. And it will only be guys going wow upon seeing these fancy, dancing lights. Don’t think you will impress any chicks with them.

Speaking of money, Glohh’s GL-5i is not a cheap item to have. A pair of these cost £949.00 for the UK market, €979.00 for the European market, and $1199.00 for all other countries. For that you get the DSD feature mentioned above which is like what we used to get on old, 1990’s stereos that when you turned them on some blinking LEDs did a little dance number, sequential indications, three-dimensional brake lights, and an aerodynamic design.

GL 5i image 5 730x374 at Glohh Launches Dramatic Taillights for Range Rover Sport

As mentioned these lights are for the Range Rover Sport, which is bought by the kind of people that can’t be bothered little stuff like that. So we reckon tuners will be the main customers of Glohh lights as GL-5i adds a nice touch to their body kits and makes it look like they’ve made an effort.

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