Chris Harris Gets GRIDy with Pagani Huayra

chris harris huayra GRID 600x308 at Chris Harris Gets GRIDy with Pagani Huayra

The latest promotional clip for GRID 2 is completely irrelevant to the fans of the game, as it shows nothing about the gameplay or anything related to it. But it is quite possibly one of the best car videos you can find on the internet. It includes a Pagani Huayra, Chris Harris, and lots of sideways action. That is a rare combination.

Kids, do try this at home – or rather in the game:

Even though it require sharp skills, and massive stones, to go through a whole lap while drifting like Chris does – in a million Euro car like the Huyara – it is the complete opposite of the way you have play the GRID game. In the real world drifting around a corner is the worst possible to take it, as it is the slowest way. In the game, however, it is apparently the fastest way.

You know what, we’re nitpicking here. Just the fact that they went through the trouble of making such great teaser is a noble effort by GRID guys. All the best with your game!

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