Ferrari Le Mans Prototype Spotted Testing at Fiorano

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Ferrari Le Mans Prototype 1 600x399 at Ferrari Le Mans Prototype Spotted Testing at Fiorano

Turns out Luca di Montezemolo’s subtle hint at his desire to see Ferrari back in Le Mans was more than just an innocent comment. On the evidence of these spy pictures taken at Fiorano test track, Ferrari is indeed working on a Le Mans Prototype race car, and it does look rather serious.

The Ferrari Le Mans Prototype study concept looks like an amalgam of the LaFerrari and the 458, and in true Le Mans P1 category it features a closed cockpit, massive splitter up front, large wing out back, and a sizable roof scoop. Nobody outside of Ferrari knows what kind of powertrain they are going to put in it, but given the latest trend in the P1 class, it will almost certainly be a hybrid – a version LaFerrari’s V12-KERS unit maybe.

Ferrari Le Mans Prototype 2 600x399 at Ferrari Le Mans Prototype Spotted Testing at Fiorano

Now, these are all, of course, speculations. Ferrari has not yet confirmed any Le Mans-related activities apart from that innocuous comment by Don Luca the big boss. Even if there is a program in place for a Le Mans return, it won’t be this year – even 2015 seem like a long shot.

The idea of having Ferrari back in Le Mans is quite an interesting prospect, though. The team most likely to play the role of Ford and their GT40 – and give Ferrari a run for their money – is Audi and their R18. Not to mention Porsche is also here with a brand-new LMP1 car called the 919.

Source: Autosprint.Corrieredellosport

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