Prior Design Tesla Model S PD-S1000

prior design pd s1000 aerodynamic 600x380 at Prior Design Tesla Model S PD S1000

Prior Design has been working on some high-end cars lately such as the Mercedes C-Class Coupe, which is without a doubt one of their finest creations to date. Now they have also added an EV to their portfolio with the Prior Design Tesla Model S PD-S1000.

Unlike most other PD cars, the Prior Design Tesla Model S looks fairly simple and subtle and elegant. For starters, it’s not a wide body and it doesn’t feature vents that you can fit a dog in. The tuner decided not to mess with the quiet elegance of the Model S and gave it a handful of well designed parts to enhance its natural beauty rather than altering its looks substantially. It’s like a beautiful lady putting just a touch of mascara on her face.

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So Prior Design Tesla Model S gets only a revised front bumper with add-on spoiler, a pair of dynamic side skirts, rear bumper with diffuser insert and a trunk lid spoiler. And that’s about it. You can add fancy wheels and graphics to the mix, but really, you don’t want any more garnish on a car as classy as the Model S.

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