Novitec McLaren 570GT Upgrade Kit

novitec 570 gt 600x332 at Novitec McLaren 570GT Upgrade Kit

As promised when they revealed their 570S upgrade package, Novitec has now come up with a similar treatment for that car’s GT cousin. Shown here in a resplendent green, the Novitec McLaren 570GT benefits from aesthetics improvements as well as a performance upgrade. 

On the styling front the changes on Novitec McLaren 570GT are, as is often the case with cars from this tuner, are subtle but effective. You get a front spoiler lip, new rocker panels, air intakes, rear diffuser and rear wing, all of which are made from top-notch carbon fiber. Complementing the kit is a set of NOVITEC MC1 20 inch rims.

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Performance-wise, Novitec McLaren 570GT gets a full-fat treatment with a sport exhaust system and sophisticated three-stage electronic tuning the net result of which is a jump to 646 horsepower and 692 Nm of torque at 6,250 rpm. What that translates into in terms of sprint time is a 0-100 time of 3.0 seconds dead and a top speed of 334 km/h. The lightweight INCONEL exhaust system not only contributes to the performance, it also enhances the cars acoustics.

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