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Official: 2018 Buick Regal GS


Buick, these days, is NOT a name synonymous with driving pleasure, good looks, excellent value or superb quality. That is why we’re a bit surprised that something like this 2018 Buick Regal GS has come off their production lines. This thing is to all intents and purposes a great mid-range sports sedan.

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Official: 2017 Buick Cascada Sport Red

Buick Cascada Sport Red-0

The Buick Cascada convertible, which is known as an Opel in Europe, is now available in red, and it’s been such a momentous decision for the car maker to offer the car in this color they actually made it a whole new edition. Buick Cascada Sport Red is limited in the first batch to just […]

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Rendering: Buick Avista Cabriolet

Buick Avista Cabriolet-1

One of the stars of this year’s Detroit Motor Show, without a shadow of doubt, was the classically beautiful Buick Avista Concept. Now designer Theophilus Chin has come up with a rendering to show up what that car looks as a Cabriolet.

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2016 NAIAS: Buick Avista Concept

Buick Avista Concept-0

Buick powered into their home motor show in Detroit in a sleek new concept, a 2+2 coupe they call Buick Avista Concept. The car is supposed rekindle the firm’s long lost design excellence, last seen with circa 1960s with cars like the Riviera. 

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Preview: 2017 Buick LaCrosse

2017 Buick LaCrosse  Preview

Buick has dropped a single teaser image, announcing not just the debut of the 2017 Buick LaCrosse at the next Los Angeles Auto Show, but the new design all Buick models will adopt by 2018. Mind you, for now we only get to see the grille.

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Official: 2016 Buick Encore Sport Touring

2016 Buick Encore Sport Touring-1

Americans have proven they don’t really have an interest in downsizing, but that hasn’t stopped car makers from trying to change their habits. They have now resorted to sweetening the deal on small cars by cramming a whole bunch of equipment in them. And that is pretty much how the new 2016 Buick Encore Sport […]

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2016 Buick Enclave Tuscan Edition Revealed

Buick Enclave Tuscan-1

Since no tuner showed any interest in upgrading the Buick Enclave, the company itself decided to release a pimped-out version of the crossover for those customer who wanted fancy style and equipment. The result is the Buick Enclave Tuscan special edition.

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2015 NAIAS: Buick Avenir Concept

Buick Avenir Concept -0

The Cascada Convertible is not the only hot new car Buick has to offer at this year’s Detroit Motor Show. They also revealed the Buick Avenir Concept, a high-end luxury sedan focusing on the joys of design, luxury and comfort, rather than efficiency and all that nonsense!

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2015 NAIAS: Buick Cascada Convertible

Buick Cascada Convertible-0

It took them a while, but GM finally brought the hit car of their European branch, Opel Cascada, to America in form of the 2016 Buick Cascada Convertible. Unveiled at the opening night of NAIAS Detroit Motor Show, the Casca combines premium design, features and technologies with the joy of alfresco motoring.

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Buicks of 2030 Envisioned by Design Students

Buicks of 2030-0

Buick brand is 110 years old and rightfully proud of its rich history. But they are not looking at the past reminiscing about the good old days. Rather, they are looking into the future, trying to figure out which direction to go to stay in the game. So they teamed up with BASF and hosted […]

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2014 Buick LaCrosse Luxury Interior Detailed

2014 Buick LaCrosse Luxury Interior-1

If you are wondering why would a car maker put out a press release to boast about the material and fit and finish of one of their cars, that’s because American cars do not enjoy a good reputation when it comes to interior quality. So Buick felt they need to explain and detail all the […]

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Buick Cars Get ‘Connected’ with OnStar 4G LTE

Buick OnStar 4G LTE-1

General Motors has started an initiative to gradually turn all their products into connected cars. Now those who like conspiracy theories may be thinking that this is part of a NSA plan to listen in to your in-car conversations. But that’s not true. They can use your phone to do that!

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On-Demand AWD for 2014 Buick Regal


The latest version of the Buick’s sporty mid-size sedans, the Regal, is now available with a clever permanent all-wheel-drive system that makes it a suitable car for dealing with the harsh winter of Canada and Northern States of America. Available for both normal and GS models, the AWD system improves the Regal’s versatility.

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Buick Sets All-Time Sales Record in 2013: Over 1 Million Units


Not that long ago, Buick, one of America’s oldest car brands with a 110-year history, was dangerously close to getting consigned to the history books. They were on the brink of death. The reason: they made rubbish cars. But, as soon as GM hooked them up with their European partner Opel, Buick blossomed.

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Five Safety Stars for 2014 Buick LaCrosse

2014BuickLaCrosseCrashImage 175x175 at Five Safety Stars for 2014 Buick LaCrosse

The next GM product to get a five-star safety rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the 2014 Buick LaCrosse. It’s not a surprising result, seeing as the LaCrosse is based on the European Opel Insignia. But the American car gets a whole host of advanced safety features that help it achieve its […]

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