/Here Comes The First Diesel Porsche!

Here Comes The First Diesel Porsche!

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I used to be a huge fan of Porsche, but what they are doing in recent years caused me and sure many others to lose faith! I’m actually believing Jezza’s point of view about Porsche’s cockiness. They’ve turned to cocks, really. From making cars that only their tame racing driver Walter Rohlr can drive, or buying out VW and finally their diesel and hybrid plans, these are not our beloved Porsche! They just forgotten their heritage, what they stand for, which is making brilliant sport cars. Maybe being the most profitable car maker for years did such to them , I don’t know, but the fact is they are much less popular than ever before.

Oh I almost forgot! The diesel car! ofcourse it is the Cayenne to get it first in form of a 3.0L V6 turbodiesel engine with 240hp (176kW) and 405lb-ft (550Nm) which is based on an Audi engine. It rates at 25 mpg (9.3 lt/ 100km) and CO2 level of 244g/km. Europe has the privilege to be the first to grab this ugly horrible car at cost of €47,250.

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