/KIA Motors America brings 4 models to SEMA

KIA Motors America brings 4 models to SEMA

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KIA Motors is one of the fewest manufacturers which miraculously remained unaffected by sales crisis. So they feel confident enough to run a stage at SEMA with four of their models which they are a bit exaggerating about them in the press!!!  These are the models coming to SEMA:


  • Soul Burner, designed with a hardcore attitude meant for those who live freely and enjoy life – one of three Soul variation concepts debuted at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show
  • KOUP offers a look into Kia Motors’ evolving design direction with its slanting exterior shape and debuted at the 2008 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS)
  • Borrego Limited concept extends from the all-new 2009 Borrego midsize SUV, offering four-wheel drive and a sexy stance perfect for urban excursions
  • Rio5 designed specifically for SEMA is truly a tuner’s car with a KMA-genuine body kit, cat-back exhaust and side sills.

    this is what KIA says about their cars, funniest part for me is where they called Borrego ,sexy!!! All of them are craps, really!


    35807 hi sema51a at KIA Motors America brings 4 models to SEMA



    KIA America Press Note:


    On November 4, from 8:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. artist Pnut will be on
    hand to custom-paint pairs of Vans shoes, while visitors seeking the
    ultimate experience also can adorn an airbrushed tattoo while listening to
    music spun by DJ Sparx. The DJ will be back for more on November 5 and 6
    with the tattoo artist returning on November 6.
        "We always enjoy attending and displaying at the SEMA Show as it really
    lends us the creative and artistic license to push the envelope of our
    'Power to Surprise'" mantra, said Michael Sprague, vice president of
    marketing, KMA. "The vehicles displayed this year represent not only
    possible directions for design evolution of the Kia brand, but also express
    the passion we pour into both our concept designs and production vehicles."
        Borrego Limited SEMA Concept
        An extension of the all-new Borrego midsize SUV, the Borrego Limited
    SEMA concept offers a stealth-looking version of the midsize SUV with a
    monotone black exterior enhanced by limo-tint windows. Lowered for a
    sleeker profile and outfitted with flashy 22-inch Avarus Chrome Wheels and
    Spec-X 285/45R22 tires, this Borrego concept projects an assertive and
    sophisticated stance fit for a motorcade as much as cruising down the Vegas
        SEMA Rio5 Concept
        Prepared by Mobis Parts Los Angeles (MPLA), the Rio5 concept vehicle
    based on the 2009 production model is a tuner's dream. The Rio5, featuring
    Kia-genuine accessories currently available from dealers, also is intended
    to function as a test bed for potential accessories being considered for
    future Kia vehicles, including exciting audio and performance-related
    equipment. Evoking the true spirit of customization, the sporty hatchback
    is complete with a custom Kia-genuine body kit featuring: a revised front
    mesh grille; blackened headlamps; custom rims; revised strut brace and cold
    air intake system; a cat-back exhaust and stainless steel door sill plates.
    The lowered frame sits wrapped around larger wheels and tires by TSW and
        Soul Burner Concept
        Soul Burner is designed for the aggressive-at-heart. Dubbed the "bad
    boy" of the three concept characters, including Soul Diva and Soul
    Searcher, the exterior of the Soul Burner offers a "mean" edge with sparse
    flashes of scarlet amidst the black-on-black paint job. The paintwork is a
    nearly matte satin finish while the wheels are matte black. The only other
    exterior color present is a bit of red -- around the lower front air
    intake, the wheel rims and door mirrors.


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