/Bad News : Mercedes to drop V12 engines

Bad News : Mercedes to drop V12 engines

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Mercedes announced that it’s phasing out V12 engines from production lines, extending the V8 range. First impression is that the green party made them to drop big thirsty CO2 pumping V12s, but fact of the matter is, as they say, it is too long!

Yea, as simple as that. a V12 engine in length is equal to an in-line six cylinder and Mercedes upcoming platforms are not able to accommodate that! so they are heading to maximum 8cylinder in V shape. What a pity! Ofcourse, this being Mercedes, They never disappoint. So they are promising twin turbo V8s as the alternative. If you imagine the current V8 range with added turbos, then you will find no reason to miss V12s at least in term of power, however, a simple rule says bigger is better! so personally, I feel much better with a V12 powertrain under my bonnet instead of a V8 equivalent.

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