/Cadillac Escalade wins the most stolen car award!

Cadillac Escalade wins the most stolen car award!

cadillac escalade at Cadillac Escalade wins the most stolen car award!

The most Gangsta car in the world itself is the most frequent victim of burglars! Cadillac Escalade tops the list of most stolen vehicles according to America’s” the Highway Loss Data Institute”, probably not only because of the car

but the fact that Escalade is the car of choice for most celebrities. Almost all of them from athletes to cinema and music stars got one of these, and better than that, they all have a habit of pimpin’ their rides. So if you steal a Caddy Escalade chances are you’ll get much more than the actual car, for instance a set of chrome wheels for this car can easily worth 10grand, or banging multimedia worth at least $20K+ or if you steal one in L.A you might get alot of engraved jewellery as well !!

Here’s the list of 10 most and then 10 least stolen cars according to the same bureau mentioned above :

Ten Most Stolen Vehicles

1. Cadillac Escalade ESV
2. Ford F-250 SuperCrew
3. Cadillac Escalade
4. Dodge Charger
5. Ford F-350 SuperCrew
6. Hummer H2 SUT
7. Dodge Magnum
8. Hummer H2
9. Dodge Durango
10. Honda S2000 convertible

Ten Least Stolen Vehicles

1. Mercedes E-Class
2. Buick Rainier
3. Subaru Forester
4. Buick Terraza
5. Volkswagen New Beetle
6. Ford Focus
7. Volvo V70
8. Toyota Prius
9. Saturn Relay
10. Ford Freestyle

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