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Mercedes Benz BlueZero Concept

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Mercedes Benz will put its latest concept car on show at the upcoming North American International Auto Show. Mercedes concepts have always been the pinnacle of technology and always brought up something new that lately played a major role in the production units.

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BlueZero will come in three different types, E-Cell, F-Cell and E-Cell Plus. E-cell is an all electric vehicle developed by mercedes research center in their quest to build an emission free production car, and they are getting really close to the target.This electro motor is good for 100 kW and 320 Nm of torque and takes the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 11 seconds. It’s top speed is 150 km/h, but only can do a trip of 200 Km.

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F-cell, as you can guess is powered by a fuel cell which Mercedes has a good experience of as they’ve been working on it for years. The first issue that comes to mind with this technology, is the lack of Hydrogen pumps to feed the car, but the bright side is good performance with absolutely no emission since the only thing that comes out of the exhausts is water. F-Cell will have a range of 400 km travel between the pumps.

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Finally E-cell Plus is kind of hybrid as it is powered by a turbocharged gasoline engine from a Smart which  charges a battery that moves the car. This car has a range of 600 km.

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