/Toyota and Daihatsu make a compact 7-seater

Toyota and Daihatsu make a compact 7-seater

toyota 7seater at Toyota and Daihatsu make a compact 7 seater

Two Japanese car makers, one big and one small are uniting to launch a new 7-seater micro van for the Japanese market. Under Toyota brands it’ll be called “Passo Sette” and if you want it with Daihatsu batch you get it as Boon Luminas. This seems to be a totally feminine car as they say it comes with a lot of driving assistance and comfort favored by female drivers!

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Tokyo — TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) and Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (Daihatsu) announce today the nationwide launch of a seven-seater compact vehicle with three rows of seats that will be sold in Japan under the Toyota brand as the “Passo Sette”*1 and under the Daihatsu brand as the “Boon Luminas”*2. Daihatsu Hijets for sale in the US in this website.

The roomy, user-friendly and stylish compacts are small enough to make handling easy and big enough to accommodate seven people. Featuring the driving-assistance features and comforts often favored by female drivers, the Passo Sette and Boon Luminas offer added flexibility for mothers with young children and help support active and exciting lifestyles.

For the Passo Sette and Boon Luminas, TMC and Daihatsu combined their product-planning know-how, with Daihatsu putting to use its extensive experience in compact vehicles to be in charge of development and production. Daihatsu will supply the Passo Sette to TMC on an original equipment manufacturer basis.
Vehicle Outline

Roomy interior accommodates seven

* A compact body (length: 4,180mm*1; width: 1,695mm; height: 1,620mm) allows for easy city driving, while the 2,750mm-long wheelbase makes possible an interior length of 2,550mm that provides a roomy interior.
* In addition to the ample 1,630mm*2 between front- and rear-seat rows, the second-row seat features a 150mm*2 split seat slide, with the floor in front of the third row of seats lowered to provide plenty of legroom. This has created a roomy interior that accommodates five with room to spare and seven comfortably.

Superior ingress and egress

* The wide rear-door opening (935mm*2) facilitates ingress and egress to and from the third-row seats and easy handling of child seats.
* The 630mm*2 hip point of the driver’s seat aides ingress and egress.

Ease of Driving

* Despite the long wheelbase, excellent handling comes with a 5.2m minimum turning radius.
* Quarter glass set forward of the driver- and front-passenger-side windows, together with the positioning of the side-view mirrors helps reduce front-diagonal blind spots and provides a broad field of vision.

Flexible seat arrangement and other features

* The second- and third-row seats easily fold down to create a large and flat luggage space. A variety of seating arrangements can be used to match the number of passengers and the amount of luggage.

A comfortable and relaxing interior

* The bench front seat with a large armrest in the center creates the relaxed feeling of a sofa (standard on the Passo Sette G and G “C package” and the Boon Luminas CX and CX Aero).
* Effective use of interior space provides plenty of easy-to-access storage, including a driver’s side in-dash storage compartment and a zip-able pouch for holding a standard tissue box in the back of the passenger seat.
* The windshield features special infrared-blocking glass that helps to reduce discomfort caused by heat from the sun (standard on all models except the Passo Sette X and the Boon Luminas CL). UV-blocking glass for the driver- and front-passenger-side windows and UV-blocking tinted glass for the rear-side windows and rear window comes standard on all models.
* An automatic air-conditioner has a pollen-removal mode (standard on the Passo Sette G and S and the Boon Luminas CX and CX Aero).

Amenities that make family outings more enjoyable

* A rear-seat entertainment system, with a seven-inch widescreen monitor, DVD player and headphone outputs, provides a rich audiovisual environment. Use of this system allows different media to be played for the front and rear (second-row and third-row) passengers (manufacturer’s option on all models).
* A “Music Server” with CD player, AM/FM stereo, and in-built flash memory can store up to approximately 660 minutes of audio content from CD (manufacturer’s option on all Passo Sette models; standard on all Boon Luminas models).
* A “key free” electronic key system with an immobilizer function allows easy locking and unlocking of the vehicle’s doors, and comes with an engine switch knob for turning the engine on and off (standard on the Passo Sette G and S and the Boon Luminas CX and CX Aero) without use of a conventional key.

Driving support features that make driving more fun

* A guidance system for driving in reverse (manufacturer’s option on all models) gives spoken and visual guidance, calculates and displays the projected route graphically on screen, and a reverse-linked side-view mirror (front-passenger side) enhances visibility of the left-rear-wheel area, especially handy when reversing into a parking space (standard on all models except the Passo Sette X and the Boon Luminas CL and CX).
* An HDD navigation system (manufacturer’s option on all models) is compatible with the G-BOOK mX telematics service and is equipped with multi-media functions and other advanced functions such as Map on Demand, which provides automatic updates of maps with the latest information.

A Streamlined and Stylish Exterior and Refined Interior

Exterior Design

* The front pillars extend forward to create a smooth, one-motion side silhouette, while the adoption of a concave design around the windows gives the cabin an expanded look.
* The front styling combines sharpness and familiarity and draws a three-dimensional line that flows from the hood down to the front bumper, to create a sense of vitality.
* The rear styling is accented by unique combination taillights, with the resulting wide-track image evoking stability.
* Available in nine colors* to suit personal preferences.

*One color is a manufacturer’s option.

Interior Design

* The instrument panel is wide and rounded and its central positioning on the dashboard creates a sense of openness, while the high-quality surface produces an interior space with a special feel.
* The large, dual center gauge offers enhanced visibility, with the thick-acrylic garnish expressing a refined beauty (standard on the Passo Sette G and S and on the Boon Luminas CX and CX Aero).
* The two-tone interior (dark brown and beige-gray) and grade-specific seat color and coverings convey a sense of sophistication.

Models with Aerodynamic Trim Available (Passo Sette S, S C package, and Boon Luminas CX Aero)

* Adopted to pursue a powerful and aggressive design, aerodynamic parts create a bold silhouette for an even more refined image.
* Subdued colors produce a consistent and sporty interior. Dark brown seat covers with a dot pattern convey a refined and cool image.

Advanced Safety Functions and Outstanding Cruising Performance

Advanced Safety Functions

* A Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system, which monitors lateral traction on slippery road surfaces and automatically controls engine output and distribution of braking force, combines with Traction Control (TRC) that controls wheel spin when starting or accelerating on slippery road surfaces to maintain forward motion and vehicle stability (available as a manufacturer’s option on two-wheel drive Passo Sette models under the name “VSC & TRC”; available as a manufacturer’s option on two-wheel drive Boon Luminas models).
* A six-airbag system features Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) curtain shield airbags that cover all three rows of seats (the SRS side air bags for the driver’s and front-passenger’s seat and SRS curtain shield airbags are standard on all models except for the Passo Sette X* and available as a manufacturer’s option on all Boon Luminas models).
* Headrests for the driver’s seat and front-passenger seat reduce the risk of whiplash from a rear-end collision (standard on all Passo Sette models under the name Active Headrest; available as a manufacturer’s option on all Boon Luminas models under the name Dynamic Support Headrest).
* The vehicle body incorporates the omni-directional compatibility (collision safety) concept and meets the requirements of both Toyota’s GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) and Daihatsu’s TAF (Total Advanced Function).
* The body has been designed to reduce pedestrian head injuries in the unfortunate event of a collision with a pedestrian.

*Available as a manufacturer’s option on the X

Outstanding Cruising Performance

* The 1.5-liter 3SZ-VE engine and a four-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with a lockup mechanism provide excellent acceleration performance.

Engine Specifications

* The long wheelbase and wide track provide excellent cruising stability.
* Optimization of the engine mount position and placement of sound-absorbing and sound-blocking materials achieve quietness in the cabin that aids relaxed conversation.
* An Eco-Drive Indicator lights up to indicate fuel efficient driving.
* Toyota employed the Eco-Vehicle Assessment System (Eco-VAS), its original comprehensive environmental impact assessment system. This includes setting environmental targets at the start of vehicle development to help reduce factors harmful to the environment by such means as the balanced reduction of CO2 emissions.
* A life-cycle assessment was carried out to achieve a reduction in air contaminants and CO2 from the vehicle throughout its life, from production and use to disposal.

Affordable Price

Despite their roomy interior, three rows of seats, ability to accommodate seven occupants and full range of family-oriented functional features, the Passo Sette is priced from an affordable 1,490,000 yen (tax incl.; two-wheel-drive X) and the Boon Luminas is priced from 1,535,000 yen (tax incl.; two-wheel-drive CL).

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