/Cadillac WTF – Nuclear Powered Car!

Cadillac WTF – Nuclear Powered Car!

cadillacwtf at Cadillac WTF   Nuclear Powered Car!

This is an extremely futuristic concept by Lorus Kulesus and they call it WTF which stands for World Thorium Fuel concept . It runs on Thorium which is considered as an alternative for uranium. The fact is, WTF is a nuclear powered DREAM car which means it has an infinite source of fuel! It might be the God’s car!! The car also has 24 wheels with individual internal induction motors! But they are not talking about possible dangers of carrying a nuclear power plant in the boot! or if it’s emission-free. This is of course a brilliant technology if it becomes  reality but I like the cars of future to look like the cars of today not like this, like a B2 stealth bomber. I prefer to be a petrolhead, not a nukehead!!

cadillacwtf1 at Cadillac WTF   Nuclear Powered Car!

cadillacwtf2 at Cadillac WTF   Nuclear Powered Car!

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